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This is a new part of the site, first added in the last day of 2012 which is kind of scary, really. This site has been around for over ten years now! It's going to take some work to do all the updating I want to do.

Anyway, the purpose of this section of the site:

I've had ideas cooking in my head for a while now, of doing step-by-step instructions of a drawing or painting project, from start to finish. I'd show each stage of the work and walk you through how to do the whole thing. When I was a kid I used to follow art books like this (the Walter Foster art books, like "How to Paint Seascapes" or whatever) and I loved them. So why not make some of my own? But these would be for painting in oils, acrylics (and probably a little bit of watercolor) as well as pencil.

I'm also planning on some specialized tutorials, particularly ones which deal with making up your own people (some younger artists call them "OCs" which stands for "Original Characters"). I've been drawing made-up faces for years. (Many of the drawings you see on this site—I'd say the majority of the drawings you see on this site—are faces that I made up from my imagination.) So I thought I'd give you some tips on how to do that.

native american guy in oils
An example of a face (or "Original Character," as the kids are calling it these days) that I made up from my imagination. 5x7" oil painting. (No, he doesn't have a name. I don't do "Original Characters."! LOL)

Anyway, that's the idea. To give you an idea of what I'm talking about, here's my "first" step-by-step tutorial (from ten years ago—and I think it needs updating!). I'm sorry there's not more here (yet) for you to see. I hope to fix that very soon. But I needed to put in a "placemark" page here, so when I crawl through the rest of this site to add links and stuff, that I could add the link for this section of the site. (If that makes any sense.)

In the meantime, please enjoy the rest of the site, check out the blog as I have some stuff there (and am adding more) and say hello on Facebook!

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