Portrait art tutorial - how to draw eyes, step-by-step drawing lesson.

How to Draw Eyes

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Detail of eye
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Eyes are a very important and evocative feature of the face! People will notice any problems or flaws in your drawing of the eye, so special care needs to be taken.

contour lines, the eye

First off, I want to show the depth of the eye, I've overlayed some red "contour lines" on the eye sketch in the illustration above.

As you can see, the eye is set in, starting with the eyebrow. Then, the upper lid comes out a bit. The contour then dips in to allow for the thickness of the upper eyelid.  

The eyeball itself is rounded. Then, the contour juts out because of the thickness of the edge of the lower lid.

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creepy eye

Now, this looks pretty creepy. But I am trying to show the basic shape of the eye - an "almond" shape. The red line shows that there is an angle to the shape of the eye. The top of the eye has its widest point to the right, the bottom of the eye has its widest point more towards the center, or left. The red line is going through the widest areas of the upper and lower parts of the eye, to show this angle.

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