Lady in Green Drawing Portraits Fundamentals: A Book

Welcome! If you already have the book (either in eBook or print form), here are some extra goodies that you might find useful.

If you were interested in seeing more artwork created with the "Zorn Palette" (mentioned in my essay about starting to work in color and color mixing), go visit the Zorn Palette page.

I mention in the book some information about seeking a formal college education, vs. attending an atelier. Read my page about formal education on the main site. I also mentioned a blog post which ranted (just a bit!) about how we're being "had" by some art schools and colleges. Go read the original blog post (which "inspired" the essay found in the book). In addition, I ranted even more on yet another blog! Obviously this is a subject that triggers emotion in many of us!

I also mentioned in the book that the site "Art Renewal Center" had a list of some recommended ateliers (private schools that taught more traditional skills). Here is that list.

I'll be adding more goodies to this page as time passes.

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Drawing Portraits Fundamentals: Second Edition

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Back cover

Drawing Portraits Fundamentals Book Cover

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The book is available on Amazon (,,,,,,,,, and most every other Amazon out there!). It's also available in both print and Kindle!