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Before I get started, it’s important to read this site’s Privacy Policy as well as the page Disclaimer.

Okay, about this site (and I suppose, about me).

About the site (and about this blog):

I started a portrait tutorial site called Portrait-artist.org in 2002. As I write this, that’s over a decade. Wow, a lot of years.

Over the years I edited parts of the site, added things . . . but after a while I realized that 2002 called, and it wanted its web design back. (LOL.) And I just was not into re-designing the whole site. So I let it sit there, did nothing with it, and procrastinated, procrastinated, procrastinated . . .

And then one day I realized that this was insane, and that I could at least do something with it, even if I wasn’t up to doing a complete re-haul of the site. And who knows, maybe I could do a little editing of the main site here and there, now and then . . .

So there it is. I got the idea to do a blog and add new content through it, and then at least I’d be doing something!

Guidelines for the blog (and my goals):

I’m going to try to keep the blog conversational, yet try to stick to the subject at hand (art and portraits) in an attempt to be educational. (Probably not a whole lot of pictures of family pets will be here, is what I’m saying.)

I’m aware that portrait-artist.org has been a resource for young and old, as well as schools and home-schoolers, so I’m going to try to keep the content and language here family friendly. Probably rated G or PG. Please keep this in mind when you post. Thanks!

Since the site will inevitably discuss figure drawing and anatomy, and since these two artistic pursuits involve artwork of the naked human form (which is not dirty, but an essential and classic part of an art education), I’ve decided to put a “NSFW” (Not Safe For Work) tag on anything with nudity, and will likely put any nudity “beneath the fold” so you’ll have to click to see the whole post.

About me:

I’m the crazy woman who started a web site about drawing portraits in 2002! LOL. I have been drawing and painting portraits since I was a kid, and I like to write tutorials. You can read more about me on portrait-artist.org’s “About” page.

Contact me:

Use the contact form (see below) to send me a message. Thanks!

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