Famous OZZ award

"Very well designed and resourceful site. Tutorials and advice was easy to absorb and very encouraging for the interested artist and beginners alike.

Easy navigation and overall well set out. The work displayed was excellent and showed a very deep talent; It was a pleasure to visit."

Thanks so much for this award, Paul!

Visual Xtreme

On behalf of Visual Xtreme-Design Services, I'd like to present your site with Visual Xtreme's "Bronze" award of excellence. Your positive contributions
continue to make the web a better place to visit."

Thanks so much for this award!

Valkyrie Award

We have reviewed your website and we are pleased to inform you that you have earned Valkyrie's Gold Award.

We enjoyed our visit to your site and we came away knowing we had learned something. Your design is lovely and navigation is excellent, I tried some of your tutorials as well and will be back!

Well done J.R and once again congratulations!"

Thank you very much for this award, Lynda!


"Dear J. R.,
We are pleased to present your site,, with the Ulraweb Merit Award. Your tutorials and portraits are superb, and the site's design is logical, pleasing to the eye, and fundamentally sound. Congratulations!

Ann Bevans and Dave S.
(Award is rated 5.0 by Award Sites! and 5.0 by German Top Awards International.)"

Thanks so very much for this award, Ann and Dave!

Poodle and Parrot Award

"Thank You for applying for the Poodle and Parrot Awards. I am pleased to inform you that you have won our Gold Award.

Your site is very informative as well as well laid out and I would be honoured if your would accept my Gold award.

Your portraits are wonderful, for example "MacGyver" is one of my favorite.

I thank you for inviting me to your fine website and the opportunity to review it."

Thank you very much for this award, Ulla!

ACA Award


Thank you for applying for the award. Congratulations, I have reviewed your website, and found it worthy of our top honor.

Let me commend you on your wonderful contribution to the online art community and thank you for sharing your talent with us. has met the ACA standards for WEB EXCELLENCE! It is an honor to present you the Elite Art 2002 award."

Thank you very much for this award. Patrisha!

Killgore's Award of Excellence

"Hello to our Friends at

Whether you have won the 2002-2003 Award Of Excellence Gold, Silver or Bronze or Merit awards. Or you were not chosen to win one of the awards. I would like to thank-you for taking the time to submit your website for my review!"

Thanks so much for this award, Killgore!

AWT Gold award

"Congratulations! The judges found your site meets the criteria for our GOLD award."

Thank you very much!

Creativity Portal

"Congratulations! Your site has been chosen to receive our Golden Crane Creativity Award!

The GCCA is given to select sites providing free instructional information for arts, crafts, music, writing, and other creativity related topics. We believe that sites like yours deserve special recognition for freely teaching others how to develop their creative skills and talents."

Thank you very much, Christine!

Arete Award

The Arete Wave Awards were begun with the purpose of discovering web sites that were both "arete" in content presented (that is excellent) as well as possessing a design that made them worth surfing. As a content oriented award program, we seek web sites that exist to add to human knowledge on the internet.

We feel your site meets our criteria for an outstanding human knowledge oriented web site and are pleased to have the honor of presenting to your site the Arete Award for Excellence.

Thank you very much, Jenny!

DWD Awards

Congratulations -
The navigation is so easy and straight forward - no way one could lose ones way.

Loading is really quick. The pages are designed with consistency. All graphics used are original, unique and of excellent quality, and at the same time compliment the content of this web site.

If one has an interest in the theme of this web site - this is the place to visit. It's informative, interesting and very educational - really great.

Coding, spelling and the basic functions were all ok - technical sound.

Thanks very much, Bitten!

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